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Soccer Team Colors

Professional Franchise Team Colors

  • A-League (USISL) (1997)
  • A-League (USL) (2002 through present)
  • American Professional Soccer League (A-League) (1990 through 1996)
  • American Soccer League (1934 through 1983)
  • D-3 Pro League (USISL) (1997)
  • D-3 Pro League (USL) (???? through present)
  • I-League (USISL) (1997)
  • I-League (USL) (1986 through present)
  • Major League Soccer (1996 through present)
  • North American Soccer League (1968 through 1984)
  • North American Soccer League (2011 through present)
  • Premier Development League (USL) (???? through present)
  • Premier Development Soccer League [D-4] (USISL) (1997)
  • Premier League (USISL) (1995)
  • Professional League (USISL) (1995)
  • Select League (USISL) (1996)
  • Super Y-League (USL) (1999 through present)
  • United States Interregional Soccer League (1992 through 1996)
  • United States Women's Interregional Soccer League (W-League) (1995 through present)
  • W-1 League (USL) (1998 through present)
  • W-2 League (USL) (1998 through present)
  • Women's Professional Soccer (2009 through 2011)
  • Women's United Soccer Association (2001 through 2003)

Note: The colors used in all of the color sets utilize a high-bit color palette.  You must have your monitor set to high-bit color in order to view the colors correctly.  In order to see if your monitor is set to an adequate resolution, you can check the calibration at the following website - http://www.easyrgb.com/calibrate.php.

Explanation: Colors are listed in order of dominance in the uniform and/or logo.  Secondary and/or Additional colors may or may not be "officially" listed as colors, but are included anyway.

Official color descriptions are used whenever possible; however, some entries listed here may be estimates.  Any help in obtaining these official descriptions would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any additions, corrections, etc., please contact me at donovan@colorwerx.us.

  • - indicates a new item
  • - indicates an updated item